Chel先生 -StepForwardの講師紹介①

2022/09/18 講師紹介
Chel先生  -StepForwardの講師紹介①

StepForward BGC校で働く先生を紹介します。

第一回目の今回は、Head teacherの「Chel先生」に、英語講師になったきっかけ、趣味などについてインタビューをしました。





  • 出身地は?  


  • 大学の専攻は?


  • 講師の経験は? 


  • 講師として好きなレッスンは?


  • 趣味は?


  • 出身地はどこですか?出身地について教えてください。


  • 自分をどんな人だと思いますか?

1. 私は、独立志向が強く、キャリア志向が強いです。

2. 新しいことを学ぶのが好きで、積極的な姿勢でチャレンジすることができます。

3. 置かれた環境でベストを尽くそうとします。

  • 英語講師になったきっかけはなんですか?


  • 日本人に英語を教えることをどう感じていますか?


  • 休みの日はどんなことをしていますか?








  • Hometown

Taguig City

  • Major in University

Secondary Education, Major in English

  • Teaching Experience

8 years

  • Favorite Lessons as A Teacher

Pronunciation, General English & Business English

  • Interest

Studying Japanese, coffee shop & restaurant hopping, fashion and arts

  • Where are you from? Can you tell about the city where you were born and raised?

I was born and raised in Taguig City. Taguig contains the Bonifacio Global City (popularly known simply as BGC), Metro Manila’s second most important business district and a major tourism, shopping, dining and entertainment destination. Other attractions include the Manila American Cemetery and the affluent neighbourhood of McKinley Hill.

  • How do you describe yourself? 

1. I am independent and career-oriented.

2. I enjoy learning new things and take challenging roles with positive attitude.

3. I try to bloom where I am planted.

  • What made you an English teacher?

My aunt influenced me to become a teacher. She brought me with her in the kindergarten where she taught young students. Since then, I’ve enjoyed sharing my skills to other people. Even before entering the university, I’ve taught out of school youth in our community as a volunteer teacher. I taught them various subjects including playing the piano and guitar. I enjoyed it very much, so I decided to take on the teaching profession.

  • How do you like teaching English specially to Japanese learners?

Japanese learners are very studious. That’s what I like about them. Most of all, they pay attention and much respect to their teacher. I love to see them improve, especially on their weak areas in English. It gives me sense of satisfaction and fulfillment as a teacher.

  • What do you do in your free time?

Recently, I’ve been paying attention to learning new Japanese phrases and memorizing Hiragana characters. I try to study every day to be able to improve my knowledge in Japanese. My Japanese friends are patient enough to teach me new words and expressions. I’m glad to be able to meet kind and supportive Japanese friends even from among my students. I really want to go to Japan this year, so I’m giving myself such a challenge.